About Me


My name is Josh and I’m 25 years young! I was born and raised in rural Victoria and moved to Mount Gambier, SA when I had just turned 12. Around this new and unfamiliar time in my life I found a release in scootering and bmx. Similarly, I first found skating in early 2015 after finishing up playing college soccer in St. Louis, USA.

Coming from 15+ years playing and coaching soccer in Swan Hill, Mount Gambier, Adelaide and St. Louis, I’ve dedicated myself to progression and positivity, now carried over to action sports with the help of the right mindset and affirmations.

I have worked in and around many retail environments that have built my knowledge and expertise to help exceed customers expectations, wants and needs!

These experiences and new found skills lead me to start my own business venture in skateandscootadelaide. Through this opportunity I have been able to coach and help young people progress in their respective sports.

I look forward to seeing you out there in the Compound soon!