Envy KOS S5

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Fresh in the KOS lineup from Blunt Envy is the S5 Charge pro scooter. Compressed with IHC, like most Blunt Envy scooters, and combined with a fully integrated headset for a wicked smooth spin. It is designed with hollow core aluminum wheels, which help to keep a low weight without compromising on durability.

A cool feature for this version is the addition of Glow-In-The-Dark wheels. This adds a whole lot of flare to night time riding.

The PU around the wheel’s core is made extra wide, 26 mm, to ensure better stability when you fly through the skate park on the large 120 mm wheels. The lightweight aluminum bar is made from 7 series aluminum that is very low weight yet still strong and more durable than lower grade aluminum.


Since this a highly technical advanced pro scooter, you need to have a certain skill level to ride it properly. For you to utilize all its wonderful features you must be a trained rider with a level of at least intermediate. If you are not trained at all you can actually end up damaging your parts and see them breaking prematurely due to incorrect use.


Charge, Heist, Soul

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