Root Industries | Lotus Isotope Wheels | 24mm x 110mm


Root Industries 24mm x 110mm Isotope (glow in the dark) and Copper Lotus Wheels are available now at Scooter Hut.

The Root favourite Lotus wheel now with a copper Lotus core and Isotope PU in the 24mm x 110mm scooter wheel size.

Isotope, The ultimate glow in the dark urethane formula with the copper lotus core these wheels are sure to get attention!

The scootering industry has never seen anything like this. Root Industries, known for innovation and for propelling the market into the future, has done just that – again. Roots Industries all-new 24mm x110mm Lotus Wheels are a creative masterpiece, and a quality product that is sure to turn some heads.


The Lotus wheel comes with a beautifully-crafted “lotus” core, and high-quality urethane – standard on all Root Industries wheels. Built lightweight, while retaining durability, this wheel is sure to blow the minds of anyone who gives this product a chance.

As with all Root Industries products, the Lotus wheel has been tested by top riders around the world. With this level of beauty, and an immaculate ride to match, Root Industries Lotus wheels will – without a doubt – be a game-changer in the world of freestyle scootering.



Highly-detailed aircraft-grade aluminium alloy core
110mm lightweight design
ABEC 11 bearing included and installed
88A PU hardness
24mm width profile
Weight: 240g each w/ bearing


Glow/Copper, Glow/Pink

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