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INDO Pro | The Trick Scooter

The INDO Pro trick scooter is an upgrade of our original model, featuring a number of key improvements to give you more control and enhance your trampoline tricks:

  • Heavier. Weight increased to 1.4kg (3lb) so it feels like a normal stunt scooter, but still light enough to practice your tricks
  • Bigger deck. Suits real-life scooter decks and larger set-ups
  • Deck improvements. Larger, heavier, stiffer and more durable, so it’s easier to catch tricks mid-air, and your tricks feel more stable
  • Bigger bars. Bar height and width increased to suit real-life scooter bars and bigger set-ups, suitable for advanced or taller riders
  • Advanced headset. Our revolutionary new headset and compression system is the world’s fastest and smoothest, for maximum trick-landing capability.
  • New handgrips. High-quality TPU handgrips, for a similar feel to pro-level stuntscooter grips
  • Fresh design. Gold and electric blue details
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