Envy Soul Bars Standard Blue 600


Soul Bar 600mm – BLUE
4130 Cro-mo | Width 580mm/22.8 | length 600mm/23.6
Classic T-Bar style available in 4 colours
Weight 1.1kgs/2.4 pounds

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Envy SOUL BAR BLUE-(25.5″high)

The new and highly anticipated Envy Soul bars are finally here! After receiving a ton of requests from rider all over the globe, Envy has finally released a bar that encompasses the quality and strength we’ve all come to know Envy by, in the new and TALLER Envy Soul bars in the fancy new color ways! These new bars are now 25.5 inches tall where as the previous Soul bars were only 23.5 inches tall. If you love envy bars but need a slightly taller bar than previous offerings, then the new Envy Soul bars are definitely the bars for you.

Compatible as is with IHC only. For SCS with no slit. Not compatible with HIC

*Once bars have been altered, there are no refunds nor exchanges.

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