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On top of this comfort factor, is the speed factor. Most electric scooters are more than capable of reaching a top speed of 24-40 kph, which we happily supply to all our speed demons. Our supply of electric scooters provides the highest speed, comfort, range, and durability at a reasonable price point for all our customers at The Compound.

You may ask the question of whether our range of electric scooters can take the rough terrain the same way a regular scooter can? Thankfully, we can answer this with a resounding yes! Each one of our top branded scooters have been tested under various conditions and areas such as sand, dirt, and hilly locations.

Some of the top-notch brands we supply include but not limited to (as we always seek to expand our stock), Blvd, E-Glide, Inokim and also Vivid, which is our hoverboards which we also supply.

 How Safe are Electric Scooters?

Many of the electric scooters that we supply have a large base design, which enables plenty of feet room for people of all sizes. We also supply a range of scooters in different sizes for people of all sizes so you will never find yourself in an unsafe position due to not fitting on your scooter. The Compound always encourage and make it a must to wear a helmet if anything does go wrong. However, electric scooters are just as safe as a regular scooter.

In addition, you will rarely find yourself in an unsafe environment or situation due to a battery dying. Our selection of scooters have top notch range, especially if you are willing to spend the extra for our selection of scooters that are built for long distance travel.


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