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New Riders

You may be one of our beginner riders, which we are completely prepared for with our selection of user-friendly decks due to their lightweight and comfortable underfoot experience that is suitable for all experience levels.

We understand that beginner riders aren’t just looking for comfortability on their deck. They are also looking for their deck to have a unique style and design on the rear of the deck. This is often the case, which is why our collection of brands is suited for beginner riders looking for a way to stand out in front of their friends and family. Brands that we stock that are suited to this preference include AO, Drone, Apex, and many more.

Viewing our deck online for a beginner may lead to an undesired board, which is why our welcoming team here at The Compound will be extremely helpful and friendly if you decide to visit us in-store.

Experienced Riders

On the other side of the skating community are experienced riders who simply desire a new deck either for increased performance for their always developing skills or a new design after being fed up with the same old deck they’ve had for years.

For a unique design, we strongly recommend our selection of collections of Envy AOS aftermarket decks as this brand always delivers on its promise of sick artwork.  On the other hand, if performance and overall comfortability are your goals, our line of Native Advent decks offers sick street performance due to their perfectly flat wide bottom.

Go through our collection of scooter decks for all your performance and style needs!


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