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Custom building your own board from scratch can be a daunting experience, especially for new riders. However, if at any point of crafting your new board you find yourself unsure of what’s next, our friendly and experienced staff can lend a helping hand.

 Choosing the Deck for Your Skating Style:

Choosing the right deck, with its unique artwork combined with what feels comfortable on your feet and understanding your skate style is the first essential step towards building your very own board.

You may be a trick heavy rider with an affinity towards being a daredevil. If this is you, try some of our selection of shortboards that make these acrobatic tricks a piece of cake when you’re shredding in the skate park.

If tricks aren’t your style and you lean more towards cruising around the streets from point A to B, try some of our selection of cruiser/street decks, which are traditionally longer and more comfortable for a longer ride.

Choosing the Right Graphic/Artwork for Your Deck:

The next essential step after discovering your riding style is to pick an artwork/graphic on the rear of your deck that you feel really matches your vibe. Us here at The Compound understand that our riders want to have the coolest designs to show in any situation like when hitting a sick kickflip. Therefore, we have a large selection of deck graphics/artwork from a variety of brands.

Beginning of Your Custom-Built Journey:

In many ways, deciding on the correct deck for you is the beginning point to a very long and sometimes complicated journey. Because of this, we once again recommended that if you find yourself stuck along the way and unsure of what comes after deciding your deck, give us a call, or even come and visit us in store.


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