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For the most part, Grips are one of the most affordable parts of your custom build. Due to this affordability, it allows our customers to try different grips for any reason they see fit. You may have old groups you wish to replace, or you may just be at the beginning of your custom build. In either case, if you are unhappy with the texture of your grip, it’s an affordable option to simply change them out for a new one.


Our grips and additional grip ends supplied in some brands are not only comfortable to touch but also stylish with vibrant colours that will be able to match even the most colourful of decks, bars and wheels.


It is highly recommended to replace grips as soon you feel they have lost their grip. This is especially the case for softer grips as they will wear down quicker than harder ones.

There is nothing wrong with using a pair of scissors to cut your grips if they do not fit the length of your bar correctly.


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