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Fuzion can be seen as one of the top scootering brands in the world. One such reason for their popularity is that they currently offer a selection of complete scooters in their Z and X series lines of complete scooters.


At the top of their Z line is the Z350. This complete scooter has been quoted as one of the best high-end complete scooters in the world. This claim is due to the assortment of high-quality parts embedded in the scooter right out of the box. The specifications for one of Fuzion’s top-of-the-range scooters include;

  • The legendary Entropy deck,
  • Aluminium bars,
  • IHC fork and
  • 110mm hollowcore wheels


On the more affordable side of the spectrum is Fuzion’s trick scooters under the slogan of the X-Series. This line still offers the highest quality made in the trick scooter space for the price point. The X5 and the X3, due to their superior make and price point, can be said to be the perfect beginner scooter to get the rider ready to go to the next level when they are ready.

Fuzion’s selection of complete scooters is constantly growing/updating (and so are their aftermarket parts), so if you can’t get your hands on the current series, there’s no need to worry as they are never running out of stock for their riders.


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