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3 Different Types of Forks

Forks can come in 3 different types, and each one of these forks will greatly change the way you ride your scooter and the different parts/upgrades you will be able to apply to your scooter.

1)    Aluminium 2-piece fork

2)    Aluminium 1-piece fork

3)    Chrome/steel fork

Each one of these forks comes in different durability, weight and cost prices.

A 2-piece fork tends to be lightweight and cheap. The one-piece is best for durability due to them being light but strong. The heaviest of the options and one of the strongest in the Chromo/steel fork.

The first two options are threadless, and the third option is threaded.


The fork you choose will affect the type of compression you can run. Due to our selection of forks being extremely durable, a large selection of our forks can run ICS compression as we provide forks that run IHC, SCS, and HIC systems. The compression on a scooter will determine and minimize the amount of slack over time in a trick scooter. A good compression system, which our selection of forks provides, will allow the bar to spin at ease while performing tricks.


Brands that we supply are various and are top-notch in the scooter industry. Some of these brands include Lucky, Envy, Aztek and Rot Industries.


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