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As an experienced rider you will already know what these are, however, if you are a beginner this may be the point where you are screaming begging to find out the purpose that trucks serve your board!

 What are Skateboard Trucks

Essentially, skateboard trucks serve as the steering device located on the rear of your deck. It consists of a base plate attached to the bottom of the board, an axle which pivots on two cushions and a pivot point. The wheels are attached to the axle and allow the wheels to swing in an arc of your desire, which will allow the board to turn in the direction you desire.

In addition, trucks also serve as a key component to the creation of your custom board as they determine the stability of your board and helps to avoid wheel bite, (which is where the wheel comes into contact with the board during a turn).

This is why Trucks are so essential, and why here at The Compound, we have made it an essential undertaking for us to provide the safest and high-quality truck brands.

Choosing the Correct Trucks for Your Skateboard

The axle of your body should be the same width of the deck you chose, which will provide for the most stable ride possible.

The heavier the trucks the more stable the ride will be and more impact you can take during tricks but in turn will provide for a slightly slower ride

 Types of Skateboard Trucks:

Trucks come in many different brands, yet there are two types of trucks you must choose between for your style. These two trucks are skateboard trucks (standard kingpin) and longboard trucks (reverse kingpin).

Standard kingpin trucks are easily adjustable meaning that they are perfect for street skating where many tricks are done on a frequent basis.

Reverse kingpin trucks are the best for carving the streets and simply cruising around. They are usually taller and wider trucks than standard kingpin, which make them perfect for handling downhill.


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