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The ‘Fiends’:

The team at Creature consists of riders/artists who are in the brand for the riders! The main four calling the shots and overseeing production at the brand are Al Partanen, Darren Navarrete, Sam Hitz, and Stu Graham. The title of the brand of the four is ‘Overlordz’.

The rest of the essential team consists of professional and amateur riders who serve as the community’s inspiration and voice to get a better idea of what sick designs should be implemented into their high-quality products. They also serve the purpose of testing out the new products to ensure even the best would feel comfortable riding on Creature branded boards.


The next important element that any skating brand should take into account is its line of clothing and accessories. Creature has not overlooked this and has promised to gather some of the world’s best graphic artists to print their artwork while staying within the brand image of horror onto their endless line of apparel. Tees, hoodies, hats, wristbands and much more Creature offer in there line of branded apparel.


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