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Clamp Versions

Clamps can come in four versions, which depend on the number of bolts present in the clamp. There are single, double, triple and quad versions of clamps. You must choose the correct clamp versions. If you place a triple or quad clamp on a bar that is designed for a double, then it could potentially destroy the scooter over time. Not to mention the fact that it will result in a less than the desired ride. Double clamps and all other versions of clamps, when applied properly to the bar, will help spread the pressure evenly that’s put on the bars when tricks are being performed. It is essential to find the right fit, which is why our team here at The Compound can help determine the correct clamp for your scooter.

Clamp Diameters

Clamps can come in two diameter sizes due to the unique size of different bars. For standard bars, clamps will be 32mm, and for oversized bars, the clamps will be 34.9mm.

If you are using threadless forks, it is required to use compression systems.

It is highly recommended to make sure that the clamp is securely tightened, and if you think you can tighten it anymore, it is advised to do so! This is due to the fact that the clamp is practically holding the T-bar formation together.

Not Just Performance Also Style

At The Compound, we understand our customers want our clamps to offer them the best performance possible from a variety of high-quality brands. We also recognise that it’s not all just about performance, but also the way your scooter looks. This is why we stock brands such as Envy and Infinity that try to make cool designs a priority.



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