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Kandama Toy Explained:

The Kendama tool consists of a wooden handle, and at the end of the handle, there are two small cups opposing one another. A ball is connected to a piece of string that is attached at the top of the toy, and your goal is to simply get that ball in the cup!


Learn How to Play:

The journey to perfecting your Kandama’s skills is much like any skill. It takes time! Here is a very brief breakdown of the essential and advanced elements and tricks needed to get that ball in the cup. Here are the fundamentals,

  •   Grips
  • Cupping
  • Spike
  • Airplane
  • Candlestick
  • Hole control
  • Earth turn
  • Ken flip

You may ask yourself the point of buying what some might call an annoying childish toy. This is far from the case! The stylish Kendama is an addictive Japanese wooden skill toy that requires balance and reflex and improves and strengthens hand eye coordination. There is an infinite amount of trick combinations to try and get the ball in the cup and this trick toy is for all ages!


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