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Many of the designs that proto has created for many aftermarkets scooter parts have become industry standards. Proto prides itself on having two Us Patents on standard compression system design in their Tunglok Deck integration. Their manufacturing process and years of research that goes into each one of their designs make Proto an industry standard for excellent scooter products.

The Team:

The team at Proto has been through many changes throughout the years. However, one thing has remained constant at Proto. That being there, the company’s attraction to like-minded individuals who are riders with a passion for creating products for riders. The team consists of amateur and professional riders constantly seeking to push industry standards for durability in aftermarket scooter parts.

Proto Wheels:

All Proto’s components are of the highest quality, and they have significant patents on some of their designs. However, if you want to spice up your scooter with a bit of colour while letting people know what brand you’re repping, Proto branded wheels are best. Each one of their wheels has unique, vibrant colours, and the best part about the wheels is the incorporation of their logo in the design of it. Everyone will know you are repping Proto!


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