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The Compound offers the highest degree of pro scooter bars that come in different sizes, heights, grip, and weights and come in a variety of materials from a wide range of recognised scooter brands. The brands we stock are always developing, however, some of these brands include Drone, Envy, Ethic, Lucky and Tilt.

Scooter Bar Height

When standing on the deck, the bar should lay around the hip or waist height, which is usually the correct height for every rider. The height of the bar doesn’t take into account the rest of the scooter parts, such as the deck and the wheels, so you must keep that in mind when choosing the height.

However, the general rule of the bar sitting waist height may change depending on your style, so it is not a universal rule for all riders. For instance, For park tricks, usually, the rider should select a shorter bar. For a street rider, though, the general rule of hip/waist heigh should apply.

Scooter Bar Width

As another general rule, the width of your bar should be shoulder length. However, for park tricks, you may want to choose a shorter bar handle.

Scooter Bar Diameter

There are two diameter types for handlebars, which come in standard and oversized. The diameter of the bar refers to the diameter of the downtube. The Correct size of clamps and forks for your scooter depends on the external diameter of your downpipe.

 Scooter Bar Materials

Materials for bars come in a wide range. Some of these materials include alloy, aluminium and titanium. Alloy bars allow for easier compression of the bar. Aluminium is lightweight and durable. Titanium handlebars are the best for riders taking things seriously.


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