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2 Years of Trial and Error:

The Cortex line of helmets that took two years of trial and error to perfectly design comes with four sets of pads in each Cortex Conform helmet. The helmets are known for perfectly forming to any head type, no matter the size. Cortex has allowed its customers to mix and match different pad thicknesses to let scooter heads find the perfect fit.

The amount of time Cortex has taken to build the ideal helmet has led several high-level professionals to wear their products. One such professional includes Alex Donnachie, a Scottish X games gold medallist in BMX.

The Team:

The team that poured their heart and soul into the Cortex Conform helmets include Logan Martin, Roomet Saalik, and Alex Donnachie. The team’s small size has allowed them to focus on the smallest detail in terms of protective material they have implemented into their helmets. Like many other protection companies, Cortex’s main goal for its brand is to offer the highest quality protection possible for the skating/scootering community. They offer this as the team consists of riders who love to see any type of action sport progress.


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