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 What You Will Get?

Inokim model electric scooter is as top of the range as they come, and the Inokim brand pride themselves on a number of factors they’ve implemented in their scooters. Some of these amazing traits both models contain include,

  • Lower centre of gravity on both models that makes steering and balance easy
  • Both models are wheel drive, which generally makes the ride safer
  • The body is made out of T1 aluminium for maximum durability in combination with a lightweight body
  • The comfort factor comes into play not only because of the wide frame for maximum foot room but also due to pneumatic air-filled tires

Inokim OX Eco:

The OX Eco folds easily for transport in vehicles. This model includes a beautiful LCD screen that will provide general information related to your rides, such as travel speed, battery life, cruise control options and many more.

The general specifications for this model are impressive for its size.

  • The battery range is 46-58 Km
  • Charging time from 0% to full charge is 7 hours
  • 26 kg in weight
  • Top speed 25km/h Battery size of 48 V 13 Ah


Inokim OX Super:

The OX Supermodel has all the same amazing bells and whistles as the Eco model combined better LG Battery! The general specifications are;

  • A battery range of 80-110 Km
  • 28 kg in weight
  • A top speed of 45 km/h
  • Battery size of 60 V 21 Ah



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