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Your age does not matter on this occasion as we not only stock adult scooters but also offer scooters for kids in our selection of mini complete scooters. Our mini scooters are sure to catch the eyes of the kids who are looking to begin their riding journey.

Our Range of Scooters

We offer a large amount of high-quality complete scooter brands. Our stock is always growing, however some brands we supply include Invictus, Envy, Ethic, Fuzion, Native and Root Industries. Clearly seen, our range is extremely diverse, and we target all kinds of riders imaginable. For a more intense design and if you are looking for a more freestyle heavy scooter, we offer Invictus branded scooters. For a more simplistic design yet still cool we offer Native branded scooters, which will equip the rider with the necessary tools to shred the streets.

For more information on our products, you can easily see the description for each one of our high quality branded scooters.

However, do not think that once you buy your complete scooter you aren’t capable of customizing or improving it. On the contrary, have a crack at looking at some of our scooter parts and accessories to get the most out of your experience and for your scooter to match your unique style.


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