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Just like with our selection of decks, our wheel varieties are suited towards all kinds of riders. Whether you are a daredevil wanting to pop some kickflips, a chilled-out cruiser of the streets, a combination of both or just someone wanting to show off some sick and whacky wheel designs, here at The Compound we offer wheels that suit these vibes.

Skateboard Wheel Size Right for You:

Once again, skate styles are varied and depend on the person and because of this, factors such as size, shape and the firmness of your wheels play a big role. The general size of most wheels for skateboards range between 48 mm to 60 mm, however, the size required will depend on your style.

For park skating where heavy technical tricks are commonplace, it is generally recommended by the skating community that a wheel diameter of 50 to 60 mm is perfect. This is because the size of them makes them denser/harder meaning they can take more of a beating, they are fast, lightweight, and generally easier to slide around in.

For a comfier ride around the streets for skaters inclined towards cruising, then a wheel diameter size of 54 to 60 mm is needed. These larger wheels are generally softer than the alternative meaning that day to day riding you will be offered a smooth and controlled ride.

 Skateboard Brands You May Like:

We also offer a diverse range of brands that offer utility in terms of a variety of sizes, but we also consider the demand from our community for whacky designs from certain brands. Some of our brands include but are not limited to OG, OJ and Ricta Clouds.


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