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The Team:

North’s diverse team reflects what they seek as a company. They believe that the larger the collective under their brand, the higher quality of their complete scooters and aftermarket parts will be. Their collection of riders comes from all parts of the world and includes riders from, the US, Canada, and Europe.

Complete Scooters:

North, in collaboration with its pro team of riders, has a selection of complete scooters at different price points to cater to every demographic. One such example is their highest-end scooter, the Tomahawk Complete. North is proud to admit that the killer street style design on the tomahawk is the best their scooters have ever looked. On top of the added style of the scooter are the signature and high-quality aftermarket parts at a decent price point. The scooter is perfect for people ranging from new riders to riders looking for a scooter with a bit more size, as the deck comes in at a whopping 5.5” wide x 21.5” long.

Aftermarket Parts:

North not only offers complete scooters but also doubles down by offering aftermarket parts for a rider looking to custom design their scooter from scratch. All unique to the brand, North offers decks, bars, bearings, clamps, fenders and brakes, forks, grips, grip tape, headsets, and wheels. Anything you can think of when it comes to custom scooter aftermarket parts, North will have.


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