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Native offer an extensive range of high-quality decks, forks, clamps and many other scooter parts. However, Native are also renowned for offering some of the most high-quality complete scooters, such as their line of Native Stem complete scooters.

Native Stem Complete Scooter:

Many pro-level riders praise the Native Stem Complete for its purpose-built and feature-rich design that caters to younger demographics, as Native strongly believe that the up-and-coming riders are integral to their brand! This claim from many Native riders is not unfounded, as the scooter has been tested extensively by professionals and regular riders throughout the streets.

Some of the features and specifications for the Native Stem that are uniquely specified for the budding street rider include; Crook Grooves, heavy-duty blunt plates, nylon fenders, fully flat bottom, 115 mm wheels and is 5.25 wide.


Selection of Signature Parts:

Almost all scooter brands offer a large number of scooter parts that are of high quality and make. What separates Native, however, is that many of their parts are signature, meaning they are designed in collaboration with pro riders for riders! The signature parts will have a unique flare that matches the pro rider. Native strongly believe in signature parts, as it supports the pro riders who constantly seek to progress the scooter community through their craft.

 Team Riders:

  • Kai Saunders
  • Levi Knight
  • Kevin Austin




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