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About Ethic:

Ethic started in  2012, but the people behind the brand have been hard at work in the scooter/skate industry for years, creating the brands' District and Addict, which unfortunately struggled to gain traction in the space. However, Ethic has decided, based on their past adventures, to cut margins on the cost of scooter parts. This decision was realised due to Ethic’s passion for the sport and desire to allow younger, less financially independent individuals to get a foot in the door and high-quality access products at an affordable price point. Ethic is a brand that’s larger purpose is to allow the younger demographic to get a foot in the door in the scootering space.

The Team:

The team under Ethic and the brains of the operation are Kevin Demay and Cyrille Vietta Benzidane. They are both accomplished riders in their own right before establishing and heading many of their brands before Ethic.

Kevin Demay is one of the OGs of the scootering world, leading previous brands such as FrenchID, Dissidence, District, Addict and French Toast. Now, in his role at Ethic, due to his years of experience in business and being an accomplished rider, he heads the technical and creative side of products, plans out 3D modelling for products, video editing and undertakes many more aspects of the brand.


Cyrille Vietta Benzidane is said by the brand to hold everything in the business together. This is due to his extensive history with Kevin, in which they headed Dissidence together, which has helped him become the chief editor at Ethic.

Team Riders:

  • Dante Hutchinson
  • Jordan Robles
  • Richard Zelinka
  • Estaban Clot
  • Lucas Di Megilio

Signature Scooter Parts:

Ethic's parts are in collaboration with signature and professional riders, each with their own mark on the sport. Some of the riders Ethic collaborate with are Johan Cajas, Aka JoJo, Robert McMoran, Aka Monkey, and Alexis Letellier, Aka Porcial


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