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The safety of our riders is important to us, which is why we stock Mob and their grip tape cleaner, a prominent brand renowned for their style and grip.

You may wish to apply the grip tape yourself, which is completely up to you, especially if you are an experienced custom skateboard builder. However, if you are new to this community, we recommend allowing our team to apply the grip tape for you as we take your safety seriously as to allow you the most fun possible.

 How to Apply Grip Tape to Deck:

Applying grip tape is a simple procedure when done with the right tools and correct steps are taken.

1)    Put deck flat on a surface with the graphic side facing down

2)    Place grip tape with the sticky side down and make sure to spread the grip tape even and cantered across the board so none of the top of the board is showing.

3)    To get rid of any air bubbles, lay the material used when peeling of the grip tape down on the grip tape evenly across the surface and lightly press down across it.

4)    Once the grip tape is firmly stuck onto the deck, get a screwdriver, and hold it on a 45-degree angle while scraping at the edges of the board until you see an outline of the board on the grip tape.

5)    Once this is done grab a sharp blade holding it on the same angle as the screwdriver and begin cutting the outline you made earlier from the bottom of the grip tape while the grippy side is still facing you sitting in your lap.

6)    Finally grab a poker or a screwdriver and begin to poke holes into the board for where the hardware will go.

You have now successfully applied grip tape to your board!


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