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Choosing the right wheels for your custom aftermarket scooter is crucial in creating your perfect scooter. This is why choosing the most premium product that suits your scooter is essential for what you intend to do with your scooter. Thankfully River Wheels has you covered regardless of your riding and design style.

On top of this, River Wheels have made it possible to remove all their wheels easily, as all products come with bearing removal slots to replace bearing effortlessly. In addition, River Wheels offers a 90-day warranty against chunking.

Your Style:

If your preference is a smooth ride down the streets while doing minimal tricks, River Wheels recommends their Blue Sapphire Wheels. They are often quoted as the smoothest wheels in the industry due to the wheels incorporating BUFF core technology, which absorbs large amounts of impact.

If you desire a wheel with a little more design flare while keeping all the elements that keep River Wheels smooth, some of their signature lines, such as the “Dream Catcher” by Jordan Clark, may be perfect. Even Jordan Clark, one of the world’s biggest scooter pros, has been running River Wheels for three years, so why not you?


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