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Protec was the original skateboard protective brand founded in 1973, offering some of the most recognisable styles of helmets since its founding. With over 40 years of experience in the skating brand world, their designs are irreplaceable and extremely hard to replicate fully. Their helmets may be the most recognisable part of their brand, but this does not mean that is all they offer. Protec takes pride in its large variety of additional protective pieces that all have a broad range of advanced impact technology embedded within the design.


The modern skating game was created in empty backyard pools where accidents of any kind are bound to happen, especially when people try to progress their craft with riskier and riskier tricks. Since 1973, Protec has strived to live up to its name by protecting those risk-taking individuals who are constantly pushing the limit.

The team at Protec are just as much of a skating fan as the rest of society, meaning they desire to protect the risk takers allowing them to progress the sport continually.

The Team:

The team at Protec represent the skating community due to the many pro skaters present within the brand. Some of these pro skaters who add depth to the brand include; Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Lincoln Ueda, and Omar Hassan just to name a few living legends.


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