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We supply brands in store and here on our website, which include Santa Cruz and Creature, (just to name a few), with their unique designs on the rear of the board. In addition, brand range for our complete board section is always growing, so don’t miss out!

New to the Game or a Seasoned Pro:

Regardless of your experience level, whether you are a highly experienced rider wanting to perfect your tricks or a more casual rider looking to cruise your neighbourhood, here at The Compound we supply quality completed boards for your needs.

If you’re worried about specifications for the right board related to your age, height or even weight, come into our store located in Dry Creek, SA and our qualified and friendly staff can lend a hand for both experienced and beginner riders alike.

 Sweet Deals:

With this growing brand size, we also have frequent sweat deals on selected items which you can pay for in-store or online with an upfront payment or in Afterpay instalments.



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