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Wheel Sizes

As a bit of background knowledge, if you are new to crafting a custom scooter, there are five main diameters when it comes to wheels, and choosing the correct size for your scooter entirely depends on your desired style when riding. Wheel sizes range from, 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm and 125mm. As the diameter of the wheel increases, the slower it will take for you to get to speed. However, the maximum speed you will reach will be higher with a bigger wheel size as opposed to smaller wheel size. Wheel size is an essential component of the custom scooter process due to the effect it has on your speed.

We stock a selection of big wheels in brands such as Apex, Root industries, Tilt and Many more. If reaching the highest speed possible while shredding the streets on your scooter is your aim, choose bigger wheels from these trusted brands we happily supply.

Wheel Style

If style is your main priority, our collection of wheels all have cool designs. Brands that we stock that have such cool designs include but are not limited to, Envy lines, Native and a brand that has some of the coolest and most unique designs is Root Industries. Our selection of brands is always changing and developing the more we expand, so don’t miss out!

Wheel Thickness

Another essential element behind choosing the correct wheel for your custom build include the wheel thickness. Thickness ranges from light, which has less grip, to heavy, which has more grip. Thickness ranges from 24mm, 26mm, 28mm and 30mm.

The reason why there is more grip on wheels that are thicker is due to the fact that there is gradually more rubber that comes into contact with the ground when riding. However, this comes at the cost of a heavier wheel, meaning a slower maximum speed. On the other hand, slimmer thickness affords the rider higher speeds at the cost of less grip when attempting turns at those higher speeds.


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