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On top of their passion for providing the highest quality T bars for all riders, Affinity also specialises in producing smaller aftermarket scooter parts such as clamps, hardware, and numerous scooter accessories.


At Affinity, the team makes its purpose to “measure twice” while creating their T bars, and they take pride in their attention to detail. Their pride ensures that their team of riders ensures that every product is quality checked during every step of production.

Their group, largely consisting of riders, means they fully understand your needs as they are you! The result of their manufacturing process creates a bar you can trust when attempting any trick.

Signature Bars:

On top of their stellar production, their signature T bars are tested thoroughly by their team of pro riders. A few professionals who have helped create their signature bar include Anton Abramson, Elliot Arnold, and Nicky Martinez.

If the names alone do not entitle you to a sense of trust in their lines of t bars, on their website, Affinity has videos on each of their signature riders promoting and testing their bars.


If signature bars and other specialised aftermarket parts are not enough to satisfy your Affinity itch, they also have a wide selection of clothing, including t-shirts, hats and even sunglasses.


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