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Forgetting to wear protective gear when riding your scooter or skateboard is a common mistake many people make. However, this mistake has the potential to cause you severe bodily harm. There is no substitute for the loss of health, which is why Gain strongly encourages spending a bit of time and money to choose the correct riding gear for you and your chosen exercise.

The time and money spent on our products will not be wasted! Gain consistently with all their products offer the latest safety features placed within the aesthetically pleasing design and easy-to-wear product. In addition, our designs are heavily subject to customer feedback and criticisms, whatever they may be. The manufacturing process at Gain allows customers to communicate directly with the team to keep their products up to date.

Products They Offer

The products that Gain offers are numerous and have high-quality craftsmanship. The safety gear that Gains offer includes;

  • Ankle pads
  • Certified helmets
  • Combo pads
  • Elastic armortex pads
  • Hip/bum protectors
  • Knee pads
  • Pad sets
  • Shin guards
  • T-shirts
  • Shoe insoles


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