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Blunt Envy aims to assist riders of all skill levels. They provide affordable prices for beginner riders looking to custom-build their first scooter. However, as a main staple of the brand, they seek to provide pro scooter parts and complete pro scooters for people of a high skill level by providing a range of signature rider products and parts.

Blunt & Envy were founded in 2009 in Melbourne, Victoria but has now expanded internationally due to its high-quality products. There are some branding issues that occurred in 2011 once the brand start to grow, which is why here in Australia, there was the introduction of the Envy scooter brand. The same company and same parts as Blunt but are known as Envy in this region. Blunt Scooters remains the name in European and UK regions.

The team began at Blunt/Envy in its origins began with a small team of 5, consisting of Max Peters, Brendon Smith, Mitch Baldry, Warick Beynon and Adam Rouse. However, the team has grown to a substantial size due to the brand expanding in the USA and European regions.

Team Riders:

  • Will Scott
  • Matis Neyroud
  • Raymond Warner
  • Jonathan Peroni
  • Flavio Pesenti
  • Ivan Jimenez


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