Drone Enigma SCS Quad Clamp


We’re stoked to introduce Drone’s new SCS, the Enigma SCS Compression!

Drone have been killing it in the industry creating components that look prestigious & stand out from the rest for quite some time. Now they’ve taken it up a level!

The Enigma SCS Compression come with 6mm bolts and is one of the lightest SCS clamps around.

All round, the new Enigma SCS Compression is a thing of beauty.

If SCS compression is just your thing, then we strongly advise you to consider this fresh Enigma Clamp to finish it in style and with strength enough for heavy park riding.

It comes with a shim that makes it compatible with both standard and oversize setups. And furthermore, the weight is kept pretty low at only 198 grams.


Black, Gold, Oil Slick

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