Inokim OXO Super Electric Scooter


Ultimate Off-Road and Long Distance

Introducing the Inokim OXO electric scooter; Its flagship model with dual motors and best in class construction. This OXO electric scooter is the ultimate combination of power and durability and is one of our favorites.

The acceleration curve of the 1000w brushless motors is linear which is an added safety feature so you don’t have the unit flip when you hit full throttle at launch.

The inokim OXO has been around a couple of years now and is tried and tested. In terms of quality, ride comfort and construction the Inokim OXO is at the top. If you are after a fast, safe, quality electric scooter this one is hard to beat.

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Every time you jump onto you Inokim OXO there is a new and unique adventure awaiting. Explore the opportunity to take on rough terrain, discover new pathways off the beaten track with absolutely no concern of its ability to take on that hill with dual 1000w brushless motors. Then throughout the day longing to further that adventure on the way home not having to worry about battery status, knowing if you happen to get lost you have up a top range of 100km (book value).

The Inokim OXO comes with three (3) tire options: Supplied out of the box are the 10-inch pneumatic street tires, or you can upgrade to semi off-road or full aggressive off-road tires at additional cost – contact us directly for fitting cost)
The 10″ pneumatic tires provide great comfort level and terrain absorption, coupled with the Inokim OXO adjustable suspension settings. Default this will come set to the high position. In comparison to the OX cable disc brake, the OXO is supported by full dual hydraulic disc brakes rear and front by Zoom, these will stop you so quick, be ready to feel the g-forces.

The LCD offers a simple interface to select options such as top speed, LCD brightness, cruise control, automatic sensor light on/off. The handlebars offer plenty of room for a phone holder.

This electric scooter can be used by those that want excitement on your daily commute or the capacity to deliver adrenaline for those weekend warriors.

Australian Law requires an electric scooter to have a top speed of 25kmh, however different states have different rules, please make yourself familiar with local laws. (You can find out about the various laws here)

The Inokim OXO fitted with an unlocked LCD and used on a private road will enable Menu 8 to give you the capacity to increase the top speed to 65kmh, when this is set the speed mode 1-3 are automatically adjusted.

When riding an electric scooter you are required to wear the appropriate protective equipment to prevent injury.


Max Speed Max speed 65km/h ( Private Property )
Variable Speed 5-25km/h with throttle control
Speed Limited Top speed preset 25km/h for Australia
Weight 32 Kg
Battery LG Lithium-Ion, 60 Volts, 26 Ampere/Hour
Motor Front and Rear brushless gearless motor
Rated Power 2×1000 Watts
Charge Time 13.5 Hrs
Top Range 110 KM
Road Lights: Integral LED lights
Front Twin LED lights
Rear LED brake light
Brakes Front disc brake | Rear disc brake
Tyres 10 inch Pneumatic tires front and rear
Suspension Independent and Adjustable Suspension Front and Rear
Max Load 120 Kg
Material Aviation Aluminum-Alloy
LCD Display With function & illumination
Dimensions: Open: L 120 cm | W 59 cm | H 130 cm
Folded: L 120 cm | W 59 cm | H 54 cm
Folded: L 120 cm | W 59 cm | H 54 cm
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