Drone Scooters Icon Chrome Deck 4.7 x 21


3.48 lbs
Length: 20.95″
Width: 4.7″
Foot space: 14.6″
Grind rail width: 0.9″
5-0 space: 0.9″
Crook space: 1.77″
Headtube height: 105mm
Headtube manufacturing process: Forged

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The Drone Icon deck is intended for park riders. Having a smaller profile featuring 2 sizes like 21″ inches long and 19.5″ inches long so even if you’re a smaller rider they have a size for you. It does feature as seamless contemporary CNC’d head tube, and comes 4.7″ wide. If you’re looking to upgrade your deck, then this is definitely for you.

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