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The Architect Complete Scooter from Aztek is the perfect entry-level street scooter perfect for novice street shredders just starting to find their style.

With a comfortable 5.5″ x 21″ deck that features solid dropouts with nylon inserts for easy grinding, riders will find stomping their first grinds down all that easier.

26″ x 22″ wide chromoly ‘T’ bars give novice riders a tall option for added control when starting out, and high-rebound 24mm x110mm wheels give extra pop on jumps.

The Architect complete scooter is running Aztek’s preferred SCS option so your compression stays tighter for longer then lighter compression options, which keeps you riding longer without the need for servicing.

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The Architect Complete is our all-new entry-level street scooter. We created a 5.5″ by 21″ deck with solid dropouts for ultimate grinding. The Chromoly bars and fork and 110mm high-rebound wheels will hold up to any trick you can throw at it. SCS compression keeps it all tight. The perfect scooter for the novice street shredder.


  • 5.5” x 21” Lightweight Deck
  • Solid Nylon Dropout Inserts
  • 26” x 22” Chromoly T-Bars (Including height from SCS)
  • SCS Compression
  • Cast Chromoly Fork
  • 110mm Wheels
  • Aztek Lite Grips

Aqua, Black, Ivory

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