Envy Prodigy X Complete


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL SCOOTER – Our ENVY PRODIGY scooter range is our most popular Envy pro scooter, featuring top of the line pro scooter parts.  Built upon 9 prior series of pro scooter upgrades and innovation with over a decade of producing seriously dialled and dependable scooters.  These pro scooters are suited to the rider looking to make an upgrade to progress their riding.

QUALITY PRO LEVEL PARTS – High quality, professional scooter components. This series has the most upgrades to date using advanced new deck technology, advanced Grip-tape, Z Clamp, Low Stack headset and fresh Sector wheels.

5 COLORWAYS – Durable high-quality finishes perfect to take a beating and keep on going.  Sleek & subtle colorways make this scooter popular with adult pro scooter riders.

Total Weight – 3.265kg/7.2 lbs Clamp- Z Clamp Oversized 2 Bolt 6mm

Foot Space -345mm Fork- Diamond IHC Fork

Total Height -865mm Compression – IHC

Total Length- 690mm Headset- Low Stack Compression Cap

Bar Height- 620mm Grips- TPR 160mm

Bar width- 560mm inc bar ends Headtube angle- 83.5

Deck Length – 19.5” Wheel Size- 120mm x 26mm PU width

Deck Width- 5”


Black/Oil, Burnt Pipe, Gold, Oil Slick, Teal


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