PROTO – HELLA X PROTO Collab Grippers 110mm (Red On Blue)



1 Pair

2 Wheels

Gripper Formula

Softer, Smoother, Faster

Wheel Size



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The two OG’s behind @PROTOscooters and @Hella_Grip (@AndrewBroussard & @McMasher) put their heads (and long Golden Locks) together to devise a Collaboration wheel reminiscent to those long past to bring back the stoke that is at the core of riding. The PROTO – Tribute Grippers are a Tribute to some of the most legendary wheels from the beginning of the sport. We hope the new generation of riders pay homage to their roots and that this new Hella X PROTO Collab gives all the older dudes a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Softer, smoother and faster. Grippers™ are formulated with performance urethane for effortless high-speed cruising. Featuring BUFF Core Technology which helps absorb impact, reduce de-hubbing and create a smoother ride. All PROTO wheels are manufactured with bearing removal slots for quick and easy replacement. All PROTO wheels are pre-installed with PROTO Murders bearings. Limited 90-day warranty against chunking and de-hubbing. Made in California!

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