Flavour Essence Chrome


WEIGHT OF SCOOTER 3.75kg (8.26lbs)
OVERALL HEIGHT* 900mm (35.43”)
BAR HEIGHT** 620mm (24.41”)
BAR WIDTH 600mm (23.62”)
DECK LENGTH^ 520mm (20.47”)
DECK WIDTH 110mm (4.33”)
FOOT SPACE^^ 370mm (14.56”)

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The new Flavor Essence scooter is an excellent intermediate level scooter & has had one hell of an upgrade!

As with all Flavor scooters, this scooter is designed to withstand most of the knocks most riders would throw at it, yet is light and maneuverable, providing most intermediate riders an awesome scooter to develop their riding on.

The Flavor Essence complete scooter is priced excellently, and offers fantastic value for money. It comes with Flavor Awakening 110mm wheels, Flavor Awakening Grips, SCS and alloy forks. All top notch products, at a low price.

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