AO Scooters Dylan Morrisson Sig Deck 4.8 x 19.5 White


WEIGHT 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
DECK LENGTH* 495mm (19.5”)
DECK WIDTH 122mm (4.8”)
FOOTSPACE** 340mm (13.38”)

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Dylan Morrison, one of the most influential scooter-riders who led AO team to the win the 2018 Nitro World Cup, has developed a whole new deck: The Dylan Pro seamlessly merges street and park by offering 4 sizes, each optimized to fit different riders and riding styles. The headtube is based off the indestructible Q3, minus the cutouts, redesigned for weight savings, offering a shorter base & increasing foot space. We’ve also added more room between the front wheel and the blunt plate, giving riders the ideal spacing for nose blunts.   Smaller sizes come with angled dropouts for use with pegs, whereas the 22” deck is 5.5” wide and comes with boxed dropouts with aluminum deckends.  Each AO Dylan Morrison deck comes standard with his signature HellaGrip grip tape.

Dylan Park:

  • XS: 4.8 x 19.5” (angled dropouts)
  • S: 4.8 x 20.5” (angled dropouts)
  • M: 5.2 x 21.5” (angled dropouts)

Dylan Street

  • L: 5.5 x 22” (boxed dropouts)


  • NEW redesigned, forged headtube  
  • Shorter headtube for increased foot space
  • Flat bottom
  • U-shaped welds
  • Reinforced brake attachment
  • Angled dropouts for size XS (19.5”), S (20.5”), M (21.5”)
  • Boxed dropouts with aluminum deckends for size L (22”)
  • New 5.5” extrusion for size L (22”)
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