Apex Headset Bearing


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A bearing only to replace your headset bearing on your scooter. A quality bearing from popular Apex Pro Scooters.

If your headset bearings are worn or damaged, you can refresh your trot in an affordable way by just changing the bearings.

Note: This is only a bearing. A scooter needs two bearings to operate. (The C-ring and Cap is not included)

The bearing is slightly smaller than other bearings which ensures that it will fit most decks but also eliminates the need to push it down to get it into place. For this reason, we recommend using a HIC compression system. Due to the extra space between the bearing and the cap, constant pressure is required for the concave to touch the concave portion of the head cup.

Details :

  • Headset: Integrated 1 1/8 “
  • Compatible with: Threaded fork
  • Bearing Type: Closed
  • Crown race: No
  • C-ring: Not included
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