ODI Longneck XL Purple Grips


ODI Longneck XL BMX Grips – ODI have released an extra long version of their super popular and comfortable Longneck ST grips, specifically for fixed gear and bmx riders who want longer grips.

The Longneck XL grips are a huge 9″ (230mm) long and feature a slimmer profile along with the option of cutting them down to whatever length suits you, which makes them ideal for both fixed gear and bmx riders.

Longer versions of ODI’s classic Longneck ST grips, with a slightly slimmer profile.
Includes push-in bar end plugs.
230mm/9″ in Length.
Open-ended ribbed mushroom grips.
Cut to size.

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ODI Longneck XL BMX Grips is an extended version of well-known ODI grips made for riders who are not satisfied with a regular length. Obviously, you will be able to cut them at whatever exact size necessary.


  • mushroom design
  • extra long grips
  • length 228 mm (9″)
  • PVC bar ends included

Weight: 117 g



Grip length: 228 mm

Colour: Purple

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