Proto Relic Full-Knucle SCS V2 Clamp 4 – Chema Cardenas Signature


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Mayan heritage with a PROTO twist. The new PROTO Signature “Relic” Full-Knuckle SCS is⁠ part of the new generation of SCS that started it all. Inspired by Chema’s Mayan roots in Guadalajara, Mexico, the “Relic” series represents Chema’s age in our industry and a lifetime of work to further our sport and the pursuit of his dream to become a citizen of the world by using two wheels to explore it all.⁠⁠

At 4 full inches this SCS gives you the most height gains and column support on your handlebars.⁠Featuring all of the latest technological advancements of SCS design: Larger 8mm hardware with 6mm allen drives, offset slot for higher torque and holding power, spreader bolt for easy installation and maintenance and a shim to accommodate any bar in the market. ⁠

The new Chema Cardenas “Relic” Signature SCS is now available in the PROTO store and the best freestyle scooter shops around the world. Contact your local dealers to inquire about availability!⁠

The PROTO SCS is the original and first Standard Compression System that has become the industry standard since its inception. Created, designed, tested, manufactured and Patented in Vista, CA by Andrew Broussard. Andrew is one of a handful of riders who got fed up with incompetent, faulty and flat out bad scooter designs that were on the market back in the day. His ideas became his realities through the creation of parts specifically designed to make a stronger, lighter and better performing scooter. Trial and error evolved each design which lead to the creation of the brand known as PROTO. Since its inception in 2008 PROTO has been the bench mark that all others have followed and evolved from. PROTO prides itself in being on the innovative forefront of freestyle scooter product development and design. The 4 Inch PROTO Scooters Full-Knuckle SCS works with both Standard and Over-Sized handlebars. Made in San Diego California, this is not only the original SCS clamp, but still the strongest and most reliable SCS made. This SCS Full-Knuckle is built to perform and last and carries a Lifetime Warranty against cracking. PROTO – Stickers included! Ride the original, ride PROTO.


  • Anodized With Laser Engraved Logo
  • Made of High Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Includes Compression Washer, Shim and 5 Bolts
  • For Use With Standard or Oversized Bars
  • Made in California
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