Root Industries Scooter Bars Lithium 630mm

Gnarly yet glorious, the all-new Root Industries Lithium HI-Modulus Alloy handlebars are a sight to behold. HI-Modulus Alloy – or “HMA” – is a variant of 6061 aluminum that is identical in weight, yet 50% stronger. Tested by some of the sport’s top riders for over 12 months, these bars are nearly unbreakable from everyday use. Not only are they strong, the Lithium and Invictus bars are lightweight and balanced to ensure buttery-feeling barspins and allowing for excellent whip control. Above all, they look gorgeous and are a perfect fit for any level of scooter rider.

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Main Features:

  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Compatibility IHC (has slit already cut) or standard SCS with shim
  • HMA: HI-Modulus Alloy material used for added strength
  • 25” Tall by 23” Wide / 630mm Tall by 580mm Wide


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