Vital Grips

Vital is a brand new company that was created by Envy! For their first product release, they decided to go simple and drop a few grip tape designs and these super comfy hand grips. They come in an awesome selection of colors, like Black, Clear, Green and Pink to make sure they have an option for every color scheme out there!

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The Vital brand is about capturing the vibrance and energy of the sport and getting kids out to ride and get excited to learn new tricks and hang with their friends. 

Vital started in 2018 and launched in 2019 with Raymond Warner at the helm of the brand, working in association with the Blunt/Envy & Fasen team.

Raymond is one of the leaders of the sport through his riding, competing and social visibility and popularity. Engaging with the core generation of the scooter scene for over more than a decade, Ray knows what riders want and listens to rider needs more than anyone.


Black, Clear, Green, Pink, Teal, Yellow

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