Ethic Mogway Wheels


Ethic is known for inventing the 12mm Standard but some people feel those wheels are too big.
Ethic has listened to the industry and released this perfectly sized 115mm x 30mm wheel featuring 12mm standard!

Go big and ride harder with a bigger wheel for your scooter

You can hit your favorite spot with renewed force, thanks to the sheer size of this Mogway wheel from Ethic

Ethic continues their range of the beefier 12STD wheels with the Mogway

Though big in size it is extremely light on looks and weight

Made from a strong grade of heat-treated aluminum for added durability

You will find ample grip thanks to both the width and the PU-formula

Notice: This wheel will not work with regular 8mm axles.


Specifications of the Ethic DTC Mogway Wheels:

Hardness: 88a

Diameter: 115mm

Width: 30mm

Weight: 360grams per wheel

Bearing: 12mm Standard Bearings


Compatibility: These wheels will only go on 12mm Standard Compatible products which include most Ethic products NATIVE products.



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