River Wheels “Bloody Glides” Dylan Morrison Red On Red


Blood, sweat and Mandala’s are all Dylan Morrison needs to ride faster and fly higher than the competition. His new Signature “Bloody” Glides represent the total commitment to riding a fine line of progression that sometimes takes blood if perfect balance and symmetry are not achieved; best exemplified by the perfect form of the Mandala. Standing on a podium at the World Park Championships is no small task, it takes a lot of Bloody work.

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The Dylan Morrison “Bloody Glides” 110mm Scooter Wheels by River Wheel Co. is constructed from Anodised 6061 T6 aluminum core for durability and lightweight capabilities along with buff core technology to prevent dehubbing. We will price-match any retailer.

They also come with River Flash Flood Bearings as standard which in combination to all of it’ specifications will offer you a very smooth, fast, and flowy ride. Made with the Rapid formula for speed. 

  • Light 9 Spoke Hub
  • Anodised Core
  • 7.5 oz Per Wheel
  • Bearing Removal Slots machined into the core
  • River Flood Bearings Included
  • Price is per wheel

All wheels carry a 90-day urethane warranty against chunking and de-hubbing. If a piece of urethane tears away directly from the core. AKA – “chunking” we offer a 1-time replacement of that part. The urethane must be physically separated from the metal core to qualify.

Please note that Chips, cracks, and small abrasions on or around the riding surface of the urethane are considered normal wear and tear and ARE NOT COVERED under warranty. Flat-Spots are considered user-error from excessive braking and are not covered under warranty.

This signature Logan “The Angler” Fuller version comes in a cool-looking dark purple and gold color combination. Made with the Rapid formula for speed.

All Of Our Scooter Wheels are Sold Individually. Price Is Per Wheel.

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