AO Maven Complete Scooter


The Maven features a sturdy, classic downtube and comes with a progressive forged chrome steel fork, HIC compression, high-precision earcups, 16mm spoked aluminum wheels, and an adjustable cutout to fit wheels up to 48mm. The OA’s U-shaped welding technology makes our tube fitting literally indestructible, as we are not cutting through the casing, but firmly welding it along the center beams. The cover is 19.5mm long, 3.5mm wide (4488mm) with a total height of 33.85mm. Features Progressive Chrome Square Fork Rear Plugs with 1-hand operation undercut for weight savings

  • Tire width: 4488 in.
  • Steel T- Bar, Large Size: 24 x 20.1 Inches.
  • 16mm wheels, carbon bearings.
  • Fits wheels up to 40mm.
  • Progressive chrome fork

Oil Slick, Pink


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