Eagle Radix Hollowtech Full Core Black Red 115 x 30


Technical Specifications for the Eagle Concave Radix Wheels: 
Diameter: 115mm
Width: 30mm
Urethane: Medium
Bearings: High Performance Eagle Bearings that exceed any ABEC rating
Weight: 288 grams each

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Eagle Concave Radix Wheels 

  • The original hollowtech core 
  • Original industry leading Radix 30mm wide core design
  • 115mm diameter – the perfect size!

Eagle is the original creator of the 30mm Wide Radix design. Often copied but never equaled!
For decades Eagle have practiced and perfected the art of making specialized, superior quality metalcore wheels by individually hand-pouring all their wheels, themselves, in The Netherlands.

These are now the lightest Radix Wheels out, weighing 300 grams each thanks to this HollowTech design Eagle are known for. The core has a nice looking concave and Eagle’s logo design all over. 

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