Tilt X Friendly Collab 110 Wheels


A well rounded wheel for park, street, and everything in between.

110mm x 24mm
Stage 2 Formula
Bond Guard (Patent Pending)
Sold in pairs

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Tilt and Friendly collaboration

A well-rounded wheel for park, street, and everything in between.

  • 110mm – Stage 2 Formula
  • Bond Guard (Patent Pending)



Starting with pre-polymers, we used custom equipment to lab test hundreds of combinations achieving the best balance of rebound, durability and grip. Riders have tested and approved. Say goodbye to the blasters and hello to stage 2.



A urethane shield protects the critical urethane-to-hub bond from impacts and looks hella good while doing so. With patents granted and more pending, Bond Guard is another unique development from TILT.



Thick steel molds weighing 28 pounds each maintain temperature better than typical aluminum molds. Continuous ovens ensure hubs, molds, and urethane temperatures are at equilibrium — necessary for consistently fusing the urethane-to-hub bond.



Scooters have surpassed the age of using single-sided print roller blade wheels. Wheels are printed on both sides with signature graphics developed as a collective among the TILT team. Side by side — TILT wheels represent a cohesive signature product line.



Minimizing the impact TILT has on the world with waste is important. Simple, minimalistic packaging made from recycled material complements all six wheels. Now do your part and recycle the packaging.

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